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Hyfra Sigma Coolers F&R Products
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Reliability of F&R Products Ltd’s Water Chillers

F&R Products Ltd expertise in industrial water cooling design and manufacture can be traced back to 1961 through their as-built records of the time. The oldest known piece of equipment that is still operational is an RCU5 built in June 1980 which to this day is still being serviced by the company.

The main contributing factor to F&R Products being able to service these older pieces of equipment is the comprehensive as-built records that go back to 1961. F&R would be interested to learn of any equipment, of their manufacture, that is older than this which is still operational.

F&R Products Ltd design, manufacture and sell standard design industrial water cooling equipment whilst also offering bespoke designs to suit a customer’s specific requirements. We are also UK agents for
Hyfra Pedia range of water and oil chillers.

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