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Welcome to F&R Products

F&R Products design, manufacture, service and repair industrial water cooling equipment.

Our range includes:
  • Coil-in-tank packaged water chillers with capacities ranging from 0.4kW to 63kW which are particularly suitable for potable water applications
  • Chillers for emulsion fluids or oils ranging from 2kW to 85kW
  • Dry air coolers, packaged complete with tank, pumps, electrical controls etc. ranging from 1kW to 200kW
    • Dry air coolers, free-standing with or without tanks/pumps etc. ranging from 10kW to 1000s of kWs.
    • Adiabatic coolers
    • Evaporative cooling towers, induced or forced draft, galvanised, stainless steel or GRP.

Hyfra Sigma

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Reliable, temperature controlled cooling products. We supply Chillers and Cooling Systems for businesses across the UK.

F&R Products Ltd range of products are designed to provide a reliable supply of coolant at controlled temperatures and pressures, so process equipment failures are missed.

The advantages of re-circulated coolant

Even if water can be taken from a mains water supply, the reduction in water charges can be considerable. In fact, the purchase of our equipment can be justified in many cases on the basis of lower running costs and environmental impact.

Minimise Impurities

Re-circulation minimises the amount of impurities introduced to the cooling system, so scaling and other forms of contamination cease to be an issue and overall maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.

A further advantage is that we may be able to offer heat recovery solutions to use otherwise wasted heat elsewhere in your plant.

Refrigerated water chillers